5 Must-Have Products for Your Car Washing Kit

If you’re just getting started with at-home car washing, building your own cleaning kit may seem like a daunting task. We get it—with all the awesome new products and supplies that are currently available, it can be tempting to go out and get everything. But if you’re new to car washing, chances are you won’t need everything—at least, not right away. So here’s a list of basic essentials that every car-washing enthusiast should start with.

A Grit Guard

Upgrade your standard wash bucket with a grit guard insert. This handy tool is used to keep dirt particles off your wash pad, mitt, sponge, and—most importantly—off your vehicle. How exactly does it do this? The grit guard is designed with ridges that function like a washboard. Place it at the bottom of your bucket and each time you dunk your sponge into the bucket, rub it along the grit guard to dislodge any dirt. The grit guard will create a barrier between your sponge and the bottom of the bucket, where pesky dirt particles settle. For an affordable, durable option, we recommend Adam’s Grit Guard Insert

The Hose Slide

So maybe we’re being a little biased here, but we really, really recommend you use a Hose Slide. Anyone who’s ever washed their car knows that there’s nothing more pesky and annoying than getting your hose stuck around your tires. The Hose Slide is a quick, easy, and affordable way to stop this from happening. Simply stick them behind your tires and voilá, you can go back to washing your car with ease.

A High-Quality Car Wash Soap

It goes without saying: not all soaps are made the same. Make the investment and purchase a bottle of car wash soap that fits your goals, needs, and experience level. If you’re tight on time, try a wax and wash, like Bowden’s Wax Wash 2L. It removes dirt while leaving behind a beautiful, just-waxed finish. Want to start fresh with a new coat of wax or sealant? Wash off your car’s old wax with a stripping formula, like Adam’s Strip Wash. Always do your research—don’t buy something just because it’s popular.

A Car Wash Nozzle

In order to effectively remove stuck-on dirt and grime, you need a hose attachment or nozzle with the right pressure and power. Trust us, this will save you time, water, and a lot of effort. To blast dirt and upgrade your car wash game, try Adam’s Fire Hose Car Wash Nozzle. It’s durable, fully adjustable, and built with high-quality ABS plastic.

A High-Quality Drying Towel

A surefire way to undo all your hard work is by using a crappy drying towel. A bad towel that sheds is a pain, but a towel that leaves behind scratches? Nah, no thanks. Get yourself a couple of high-quality, ultra plush towels ASAP, like this one from Sky’s The Limit Car Care.


Building your car washing kit will take time and research. Before you spend the money on tons of products, make sure you understand what you really need to get started. As you become more experienced, finding the right supplies for your personal kit will become significantly easier. Good luck and happy washing!